Oracle Reputation Integrates with Arbitrum

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Reputation DAO is excited to announce that it is integrating with Arbitrum to bring Oracle Reputation functionality to users, protocols and Oracles operating on Arbitrum mainnet.

Users of protocols and contracts on Arbirtrum will be able to inspect and validate the data security for each of their contracts. This will promote Oracle transparency and security awareness across the DeFi community.

By supporting even more contracts and protocols, this integration improves value and reaches more DeFi users.

Reputation beyond Ethereum

Reputation DAO is committed to enabling a new frontier in DeFi and programming reputation into Oracle networks. The vision for the Oracle Reputation product is to provide credibly neutral reputation as a service for Chainlink Oracles, DAOs, smart contract protocols and their users. This is as an essential part of the DeFi promise. A permission-free, trustless, open economic system needs tools that enable its users to participate on a level playing field.

Integrating with Arbitrum is part of Reputation DAO’s roadmap to build infrastructure supporting DeFi. Layer 2 solutions have become catalysts for growth of the ecosystem; Reputation DAO aims to support this growth along side them.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a suite of Ethereum scaling solutions that enable high-throughput, low-cost smart contracts while remaining secure in a trustless way. It is designed to reduce the costs and latency of dApps for users and developers by using a variation of “Optimistic rollups.” Developed by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum allows users to deploy and interact with smart contracts with minimal costs compared to using Ethereum natively, without loss of security or decentralisation. Arbitrum smart contracts can use any Ethereum-based token, and anyone can be elected to validate without the need for custom tooling.

With millions of users, over one billion dollars in organic capital and a multitude applications, including blue chips like AaveBalancer and 1inch, Arbitrum’s DeFi ecosystem is one of the strongest in the industry.

Accessing Oracle Reputation on Arbitrum

Users can switch between chains by selecting Arbitrum from the drop-down box on the top right hand side on the Oracle Platform. This will show performance for Oracles operating on the Arbitrum network.

To view protocol based Oracle security, users can select the relevant chain for each protocol under the ‘Protocol’ tab.

Oracle Reputation

Reputation DAO is excited to present these updates and provide an insight into Oracle Reputation's progress. For more information on the platform and the Oracle Reputation roadmap moving forward, please see here. If you have any feedback on the platform, or would like to contribute, the community would love to hear from you.

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Try the PVE feature on Tracer Perpetual Pools and visit Oracle Reputation's new site to explore other new features.

Reputation DAO is a blockchain data analysis platform. The platform collects, decodes and visualises data from several blockchain networks. Reputation DAO uses the data to create visualisations and Reputation scores, using a Relative Performance Ranking (RPR) model. The DAO creates specific reputation products using the Reputation platform.

Oracle Reputation is the first product of the DAO. Oracle Reputation monitors, visualises and ranks Oracle performance on the Chainlink network.

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Reputation DAO is building the future of reputation. Come and be a part of the journey.

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