Reputation DAO integrates with Tracer DAO

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Reputation DAO is excited to announce that it has integrated its Oracle Reputation product with Tracer DAO!

This integration will enable Tracer Perpetual Pool users to inspect and validate the data security for each of their contracts. This will promote Oracle transparency and security awareness within the Tracer DAO community.

About Tracer DAO

Tracer DAO is an open-source, smart contract protocol for derivatives that enables anyone to deploy a derivatives market from a Tracer Factory template to manage their digital and real-world financial risk.

Tracer’s Perpetual Pools infrastructure lets users gain exposure to any digital and real-world market with an Oracle price feed by forming simple derivative agreements. By porting existing price data on-chain with strong uptime, correctness and tamper-resistance guarantees, countless new local and global markets can be formed that allow both individuals and firms to manage their risk.

Visibility into smart contract security: Protocol Visualisation Environment (PVE)

PVE widget on Tracer displaying protocol security

This integration inserts Oracle Reputation’s Protocol Visualisation Environment (PVE) widget into the Tracer Perpetual Pools platform. Tracer smart contracts are supported by Chainlink Oracle network price feeds, which means that the security of these contracts is dependant on the performance of the underlying Chainlink Oracles.

However, visibility into Oracle performance and security has previously been difficult for DeFi users to ascertain. This disadvantaged both protocols and users as there was no easy way to assess the reliability of a smart contract data feed.

PVE is a data visualisation tool that solves this issue by displaying the end-to-end life cycle for each smart contract’s data supply chain. This provides users with full transparency into Oracle reports and clear insights into how Oracles and Chainlink Reference Data Contracts interact with the smart contracts on the Tracer DAO protocol.

The PVE tool displays in the bottom right corner of the Tracer Perpetual Pools platform as a small widget. Clicking on this widget allows users to easily inspect the data provenance for the price feed of each pool they’re about to interact with. Users can assess the Oracles supporting their price feeds and quickly audit their reliability. This transparency enables users to trust Tracer Perpetual Pools contracts and enter transactions with peace of mind.

Tracer currently has $US50 million locked in its protocol. Oracle Reputation will enable users to verify and understand the smart contracts they interact with. In doing this, Oracle Reputation will support the growth of Tracer DAO and facilitate the injection of new capital into the Tracer Perpetual Pools protocol.

Protocol security report on platform

Incentivising better Oracle performance

The Oracle Reputation platform will publicise the performance of all Oracles supporting Tracer’s Perpetual Pools smart contracts. This will allow the community to measure and compare the performance, reliability and security of Oracles servicing the Tracer protocol.

In doing so, Oracle Reputation creates competitive pressure and incentivises Oracles to improve their performance. Tracer and the broader DeFi community can reward the Oracle networks that are consistently outperforming others. Over time, this will improve the quality of Oracle networks and create positive-sum value for the community.

Oracle Reputation

Reputation DAO is excited to present these updates and provide an insight into Oracle Reputation’s progress. For more information on the platform and the Oracle Reputation roadmap moving forward, please see here. If you have any feedback on the platform, or would like to contribute, the community would love to hear from you.

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Try the PVE feature on Tracer Perpetual Pools and visit Oracle Reputation’s new site to explore other new features.

Reputation DAO is a blockchain data analysis platform. The platform collects, decodes and visualises data from several blockchain networks. Reputation DAO uses the data to create visualisations and Reputation scores, using a Relative Performance Ranking (RPR) model. The DAO creates specific reputation products using the Reputation platform.

Oracle Reputation is the first product of the DAO. Oracle Reputation monitors, visualises and ranks Oracle performance on the Chainlink network.

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